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Adult toys also refered to as sex toys are objects or devices mainly used to open the door for a deeply satisfying sexual pleasure.

Sex toys have significantly advanced over the years, as the adult toys industry has made use of advanced technology in the manufacturing of toys that ensures a more realistic sexual pleasure

categories of adult toys

There are various Categories of sex toys which are according to the way they are used and in most cases the part of the body they are used on for sexual pleasure

adult toys

Anal Toys - Anal Beads & Prostate Massager

Anal toys are my favorites.

Prostate Massagers are used to stimulate the male prostate gland.

They are heavenly and capable of giving you the SUPER O when used appropriately. If you are looking for something better than the regular boring masturbation, then you need a good prostate massager.

Anal beads are used by both men and women that enjoy anal stimulation and this sex toy consist of series of beads.

These beads are inserted into the anus so as to stimulate or enhance orgasm during a climax. They are various sizes of anal beads that are made by sex toys manufacturers, and different type of materials has been used to make these anal beads to ensure more satisfaction during anal stimulation.

Artificial Vaginas, Fake Pussy, Masturbators & Strokers

These sex toys are capable of satisfying any man’s sexual urge through stimulation of an erect penis. 

Artificial vaginas or fake pussy are made with an opening that looks like a vagina, and it is usually made of sensitive materials that give the same feeling like a real vagina.

The artificial vagina is portable and easy to carry about and can be used along with lubricant to enhance the sensation.

Some fake vagina comes with a vibrator that enhances the stimulation of the erect penis to enhance ejaculation.

The artificial vagina has become common for men as it is readily sold in an online store, supermarkets, and boutique more openly than before.

There are some other male adult toys referred to as masturbators and strokers which are meant to stimulate an erect penis to ejaculation or orgasm.

Masturbators are different from the artificial vagina in their shapes and size, as they usually do not take the shape of a vagina. You will necessarily need to use lubricants to enhance stimulation.

“You aren't a Man if you have never fucked an artificial vagina”

J Larry

BDSM Equipment

BSDM is a kind of sexual activity that involves role playing.

BDSM is an abbreviation that ranges between Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS), Sadism and Masochism (SM).

Some of us get our sexual thrills from submissive activities or activities that seem to bring about pain, and with this in mind, sex toys manufacturer has made such sex toys available.

With these bondage toys, couples can assume whatever role they wish and play such submissive activities to entertain their desires.

As much as possible, I have divided BSDM equipment into sub categories and they include:


Armbinder, anal hook, ball gag, ball lock, bondage bed, bondage cuffs, bondage mittens, bondage harness, bondage belt, bondage tape, bondage yoke, bondage binder, chastity belt, cock ring, cohesive bandage, collar, dental forceps. Diapers, elbow harness, funnel gag, head harness, hobble skirt, human pony harness, nose hook, suspension cuffs and so on

Bondage Furniture

A-Frame, ankle/wrist stocks, Berkley horse, bondage bed, bondage bench, bondage chair, bondage frame, bondage table, bondage stool. Box stocks, fisting slings, hoist, inversion table, rack, sawhorse, queening stool, massage tables and so on

Sensory Deprivation

These include equipment such as vacuum beds, gas mask, bondage body bags, blindfold and so on

Physical Stimulation

These include floggers, nipple clamps, spanking paddles and vampire gloves

Sexual Stimulation

This kind of BDSM equipment includes erotic electro stimulation equipment, masturbation machine, fucking machine and strap-on dildos.

There are lots of people out there practicing BSDM but are not aware because BSDM activities are those associated with role-playing. 

So those people that put on a strap-on use machine or equipment that attains different role are all involved in BSDM activities.

Butt Plugs & Cock Rings

Butt plugs are used by those that enjoy anal stimulation, and it can be used by men and women as well.  The butt plug is short, and it has flanks on both sides that prevent this sex toy from entering inside the rectum.

This sex toy can easily be carried about and can be used by a couple that enjoys the anal stimulation of the rectum. They are easy to carry and can be washed easily. Butt plugs are usually shorter than dildo so as not to cause damage to the rectum as they are not deep enough like the vagina that can take an object as long as the dildo

A cock ring is another sex toy used by men, this toy is often beneficial to those that suffer from erectile dysfunction as it enables them to attain an erection and to last longer during sex.

Cock ring will improve sexual performance as you can satisfy yourself as well as your partner

Cock rings are usually worn at the base of the penis, behind the corona and around the penis, as they restrict the flow of blood through the penis.

Dildos and Vibrators

Dildos are the most common sex toys, and it is usually shaped like a penis, which is used to stimulate the vagina and anus for sexual pleasure.

Dildos are more massive than butt plugs, and they can be used for self-masturbation as well as couples using it to enhance their sexual satisfaction.

Dildos are made of various shapes and sizes to fit into people sexual desires as some may prefer a more in-depth penetration and will opt for a longer dildo.

The dildo is made up of different materials such as rubber, PVC, silicon rubber, chrome plated steel, glass dildo and cyberskin materials.

The materials used in making the dildos have become more realistic like the skin of a human, as sex toys manufactures have used advanced technology to make the dildos more realistic.

Men and women use dildo for both vaginal and anal stimulation and can be used by couples to stimulate themselves for sexual satisfaction

Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are becoming the most popular sex toys for men, women and also for couples, as they are usually made of life-size.

They come designed to please all kinds of people with different sexual fantasies as the sex dolls can come with a mouth and anal hole for penetration as well as vagina and penis.

They are different types of sex dolls, and sex dolls for men usually come with a breast, vagina, anal hole and mouth which can all be penetrated for sexual pleasure.

The sex dolls made for women usually comes with a hard and erect penis, and you can find penis of various sizes that can deliver sexual satisfaction.

While we have sex dolls for couples that can be used to satisfy both partners, and they can come equipped with a breast or a man’s chest, a penis and an anal hole for penetration. We also have a shemale sex doll that contains a breast and a penis for penetration.

The sex dolls are a realistic sex toy, and they feel just like the real thing with silicon like skin that gives you the sensation like you are with the real thing


There has been a huge boost in the sex toy industry business. As a result, manufacturers have become more innovative, using advanced technology and research work to produce more quality sex toys.

Why You Need Sex Toys

Apart from the fact that sex toys are great pleasure enhancers, here are some more reasons you need a sex toy.

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    It enhances sexual pleasure, as using the sex toys are more fun and satisfying sexually. Using sex toys on your own or with your partner does produce more fun and enhance orgasm to a greater height
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    The use of sex toys are much safer ways of getting satisfied sexually, with the risk of getting infected with so many sexually transmitted diseases and infection through intercourse. Having a sex toy for your pleasure reduces the risk of randomly picking up sexual partners to fulfill your desire
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    Using sex toy with your partner has helped to make the relationship stronger. It creates a much stronger bond with a partner can now meet up with each other sexual need. Counselors have encouraged using sex toys as a tool to help build a strong sexual relationship that is on shaky grounds

Before You Buy Adult Toys

Now they are certain considerations you have to make when you want to purchase a sex toy, and we are going to look at these considerations

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    What tickles your fantasy: some people get their sexual thrills for being stimulated anally or may prefer being dominated for sexual pleasure. Also, you may also want to consider what your sexual partner will prefer and be comfortable with when considering sexual pleasure
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    Sex toy size: You should also consider the size of the adult toy you want to purchase as you may want to take it out especially when traveling. This is where sex toys like dildos can be of an advantage to sex machines and sex dolls
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    Sex toy material: The materials that are used in the manufacturing of the sex toys are also a significant factor to consider, and you should ensure that they are medically safe materials. They should not be too hard to cause bruises or injuries to damage the sex organs or tissues. Always review the sex toy product and ensure that they are made up of medically safe materials
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    Ease of cleaning: The ease of cleaning the adult toy is also important in deciding to get a sex doll as it is essential to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and bacterial infection. Some sex dolls especially the life-size sex doll do come with extra openings that will make cleaning the sex toys much easier
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    Product Reviews: Always check for product reviews by customers who have used the products or sex toys so you will get all the necessary information about the product and if it will meet your requirement

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